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Instantaneous HR Infrastructure that provides a significant amount of administrative relief

  • HR, Benefits, Payroll, Workers Compensation, and more.
  • Teams ranging from 2-500
  • Supported by a Secure HCM (Human Capital Management) Cloud Platform.
  • We work with legal advisors at no cost to you on HR related issues.
  • An HR support team that never gets sick, won't go on vacation, and won't retire.

50% less likely to go out of business

10-14% lower employee turnover

7-9% Faster growth

Source: Data gathered in a recent study by noted economists, Laurie Bassi and Dan McMurrer.

All your HR tools in one secure, Cloud based platform. Access your tools in or out of the office.



Human Capital Management

  • Time & Labor Management
  • Advanced scheduling
  • HR Management
  • ACA Managements

Say goodbye to the "Monday Struggle"

Ideal Digital Assistant

  • Same day support
  • Digital Time Clocks available
  • Personalized setup and training
  • Applicant Tracking



TTI: Success Insights

A patented scientific approach to hiring, retaining and developing a successful team


Administrative Relief

  • Handbook creation
  • New Hire applicant / processing
  • Job Description Development
  • File Audits
  • Performance Review process
  • FMLA Management
  • Workers Compensation / Injury Management

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